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August 24, 2023

Lucrative Side Hustles for Teens to Earn Legitimate Income

In today's fast-paced world, teenagers are exploring innovative ways to gain financial independence and develop essential life skills. Engaging in well-chosen side hustles not only helps teens earn money but also imparts valuable lessons in responsibility, time management, and entrepreneurship.

In this article, we'll explore some of the most promising side hustles that offer legitimate income-generating opportunities for teenagers.

1. Engage in Internet Surveys

You have the opportunity to engage in online surveys and earn extra income effortlessly in your leisure moments, or perhaps acquire a couple of free gift cards. The online sphere hosts a plethora of survey platforms, many of which are open for teenagers to participate in. Individuals aged 13 and above are eligible to register on Swagbucks, whereas Survey Junkie and Branded Surveys present excellent alternatives for those who are 16 years or older.

Among the well-known survey websites, LifePoints and InboxDollars hold a significant place. However, it's important to bear in mind that you need to be 18 years old to utilize these platforms. Otherwise, you can use your parent's information to sign up there.

2. Do Odd Jobs in Your Local Area

Discovering miscellaneous tasks around town suitable for teenagers has become remarkably convenient.

Install the Steady App and initiate your quest for full-time (perfect for summer when you want to balance cash-making with a more relaxed approach), part-time, or gig-based employment prospects.

You can even refine your search to pinpoint roles accessible by walking or biking, eliminating the need for a car.

3. Earn Money by Testing Websites

Corporations are willing to compensate you for navigating through their websites and providing feedback. If you're 18 years or older, you can register on UserTesting to commence.

Through this platform, you can earn $4 for each five-minute test, $10 for a 20-minute test, and potentially receive up to $120 for participating in live interviews.

4. Earn Cash by Viewing Ads

The extensive exposure to online advertisements might lead you to a surprising opportunity: getting paid for watching ads. This is not only feasible but also a sought-after online side gig among teenagers. Advertisers are willing to compensate you for your time spent viewing their ads.

Platforms like InboxDollars provide concise ad content that requires you to watch short ads in return for payment. It's important to note that the minimum age requirement is typically 18 or the legal adult age in your state.

One of the appealing aspects of the lawn care sector is its potential for individual operation. If you possess the required equipment, you can embark on solo projects. While working alone might take more time, you'll also retain all the earnings. Generally, it's widely agreed upon that a mower and a weed eater (with a leaf blower as a valuable addition) are the fundamental necessities to start.

Once you've made the necessary preparations, begin reaching out to your acquaintances and promote your new endeavor on social media. Platforms like,, and Craigslist offer valuable spaces to advertise your services and search for potential jobs as well

5. Play Video Games Online

Absolutely, it's true! You can actually earn money by playing games online. While this might not make you a fortune, it's an appealing prospect for teens who already spend a significant amount of time playing games on their phones.

Downloading apps like Rewarded Play allows you to turn that leisure time into earnings. On the other hand, if you're a dedicated gamer, creating your own Twitch account could be a lucrative option. Twitch offers an interactive live-streaming platform where viewers can subscribe to your channel while you play games. Some Twitch streamers have managed to amass substantial income through this platform.

6. Watching Videos for Money

ySense emerges as a vibrant online community providing diverse avenues for earning money. These opportunities span from participating in paid surveys, testing new apps, and signing up for websites, to watching videos, and beyond.

The platform suggests completing the "daily checklist," which encompasses a few surveys and offers. By doing so, you can accumulate bonuses of up to 16%.

ySense occasionally grants bonuses to express gratitude to loyal users or to inspire them to explore different aspects of the platform. These bonuses can take the form of cents or rebates. Cash rewards are conveniently disbursed through payment platforms such as PayPal, Payoneer, and Skrill.

7. Offer House Cleaning Services

Venturing into cleaning services can prove to be highly profitable. Engaging in physically demanding and occasionally messy tasks often presents ample opportunities. If you're willing to put in the effort and get your hands dirty, substantial earnings are possible.

While diving into this field, consider the initial investment required for purchasing necessary cleaning supplies. You might discover that acquaintances have extra cleaning products to share. Adequate preparation before taking on a job is key to success.

Promoting your new side business is crucial. Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and their connections can yield positive results.

Don't forget to explore prominent job platforms for potential clients. Initiating your presence on social media and job boards is an excellent first step once you're fully prepared to take on cleaning tasks. Dedicated cleaning websites such as,, and can also be valuable resources for finding opportunities in this domain.

8. Lawn Care

Lawn care holds a significant place in American culture, and it's evident that the industry has been experiencing steady growth for the past two decades, with a notable surge over the last ten years.

9. Clean Pools In Your Area

Engaging in pool cleaning offers a straightforward approach to earning extra money on the side. The tasks involved vary in complexity, allowing you to choose the level that suits you best. This could range from basic tasks like removing leaves and ensuring the filter is unobstructed.

The profitability of this side venture largely depends on your location. Research online to understand the demand for pool cleaning services in your area.

To delve deeper into pool cleaning opportunities, you can explore for information and options related to this field.

10. Start Snow Shoveling

Snow shoveling stands alongside newspaper delivery as a traditional endeavor. It can indeed serve as a profitable side hustle if you reside in an area that experiences heavy snowfall. Typically, this job is seasonal and tied to snowy periods.

While snow shoveling is physically challenging, it can be executed efficiently, handling multiple jobs in quick succession when organized properly. Initiating contact with your neighbors prior to the snowy season is pivotal. This allows both you and your clients to establish schedules and rates well in advance. As with any side hustle, leveraging social media and word-of-mouth recommendations greatly aids in launching a successful venture.

11. Start Your Online Store

If you possess some funds to invest or can gather support from your network, venturing into the world of online stores could be a viable option. This involves having one or more products, which you can either source from distributors or create yourself.

Platforms like Shopify are well-known for facilitating the setup of online stores. While the age requirement is typically 18 years or older, Shopify accommodates minors by allowing parents to initiate an online store on their behalf if they're under 18.

12. Creating Your Own Products and Selling Things on Etsy

Etsy stands as one of the most prominent e-commerce platforms in the U.S., offering buyers an avenue to discover unique and distinctive items.

However, here's the exciting part: When it comes to earning money on Etsy, you're not confined solely to physical goods like crocheted sweaters or woodworking projects that demand costly materials with every order. You can also delve into digital products, such as E-printables. Unsure about the process of creating and selling these online? An Etsy E-Printables online course can be your guide to learning this skill. (Editor鈥檚 note: Generally, online courses are a fantastic way to acquire valuable expertise.)

You can start by signing up for a complimentary e-book, which then allows you to enroll in a course priced at $247 (yet with a $50 discount applied during checkout, bringing your total cost to $197).

Once you've acquired the knowledge to create E-printables, you can establish your own Etsy store and generate income by selling them

13. Starting Your Own YouTube Channel

Unlock Your Creativity on YouTube

YouTube serves as a remarkable outlet for creativity for numerous teenagers, but it's also an excellent avenue for a side hustle.

Teens can engage in acting, singing, teaching skills, and more through their YouTube channels. And, once they gather a sufficient number of subscribers and accumulate public watch hours or valid Shorts views, they can monetize their efforts through the YouTube Partner Program.

Waiting for YouTube partnership isn't obligatory though. Many content creators collaborate directly with sponsors or establish Patreon accounts for subscribers to provide direct support.

Starting your own YouTube channel requires a minimum age of 13. However, if you're under 18, it's necessary to associate your YouTube account with an approved AdSense account of a trusted adult to enable monetization.

Even if your earnings from YouTube are modest, your channel can become a valuable documentation of your teenage years, something you'll cherish as you grow older.

14. Selling Knives

Online knife purchasing can indeed be challenging due to the inability to physically evaluate the item's suitability. This dilemma has led to unique opportunities for teens to engage in knife sales through companies like Cutco (often associated with Vector Marketing).

Teens, usually college students, are hired to sell knives by giving demonstrations to potential customers. This can become a rewarding side hustle, as demonstrated by your high school roommate who successfully sold knives to parents of friends. The commissions earned from these sales can cover expenses such as gas, food, and even hobbies like purchasing a new guitar.

The process involves providing demonstrations to interested customers, and you earn a base pay for each demonstration, regardless of whether a purchase is made. Some cases might involve commission-based pay only through successful sales. Accumulating enough sales translates into commission earnings, making it clear that more effort can directly lead to higher earnings.

15. Deliver Newspapers

While it might seem like an old-fashioned pursuit to some modern teens, taking on newspaper delivery can actually provide a consistent and dependable source of income (ranging from $350 to $500 per month). Despite being part-time roles, they often align well with the typical teenage schedule.

Certain precautions and skills are essential for teenagers considering this option:

  1. Have an open conversation with a parent or guardian about the job and ensure they are aware of your route.
  2. Develop a strong familiarity with Google Maps for navigation.
  3. Create a resume to highlight your skills and experiences.
  4. Decide on the distance you're comfortable traveling for your route.

After completing these steps, along with others that might arise, you can start applying for newspaper delivery positions in your locality. Explore job platforms such as,, and to initiate the process of identifying available positions in your area.

Which Side Hustles For Teens Is Best For You?

For teenagers seeking to boost their income, the possibilities are abundant.

Numerous avenues exist for earning some additional money, whether by offering sought-after services within your local community or capitalizing on your creative passions.

The crucial factor lies in mastering the art of time and money management, ensuring that your side hustle doesn't disrupt your education. The objective is to engage in a side hustle that contributes to your savings and paves the way for a promising future.

Engaging in a side hustle can significantly contribute to a teenager's financial literacy in several ways:

  1. Income Management: By earning money through a side hustle, teenagers are introduced to the concept of earning and managing income. This practical experience provides valuable insights into the relationship between work and money.
  2. Banking and Financial Tools: To manage their earnings, teens often need to open a bank account. This exposes them to banking procedures, transactions, and financial tools such as debit cards and online banking.
  3. Budgeting: Having an income necessitates effective budgeting. Teens learn to allocate their earnings for different purposes, including saving, spending, and possibly investing. This hands-on budgeting experience builds a foundational understanding of money management.
  4. Setting Financial Goals: Teens can set short-term and long-term financial goals. Whether it's saving for a particular purchase, contributing to college funds, or planning for travel, having a side hustle enables them to work towards these objectives.
  5. Savings Habits: With money coming in from a side hustle, teens can develop consistent savings habits. Learning to set aside a portion of their earnings for future needs teaches the importance of saving for emergencies and future goals.
  6. Introduction to Investing: Accumulating savings might prompt teens to explore investment options. This early exposure to investing concepts, even on a small scale, can foster an understanding of how money can grow over time.
  7. Risk and Reward: Some side hustles might involve risk-taking or decision-making regarding costs and pricing. Teens can learn about the balance between potential rewards and associated risks.

In essence, a side hustle serves as a practical and effective way for teenagers to gain hands-on experience in financial matters, setting them on a path towards better financial literacy and a solid foundation for their future financial decisions.

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