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August 24, 2023

Top 10 Websites to find icons for free

Today I have listed the best website for icons that you can get for free.

For any kind of design, icon is the essential elements of design. Icons are crucial in enhancing the user experience (UX) in various digital interfaces, such as websites, mobile apps, software applications, and more. 

If you are not 500 fortune company then you can find most of the necessary icons for free. Certain category require designer help if you are making custom website for medical or if you want to build unique product then you will need designer helps. 

Here is our list of best free icons.

01.Noun Project

Noun project is not completely free but you will get relevant svg icon for every category. You need a little skill to remove the text of noun project inside the icon. As it’s svg so you get more flexibility to customize the icon.

02.Feather icon

Feather icon is good for system icons like (chevron, user icons). For ui ux designer feather icon plugin is must have. It’s a simple & usable collection set of icon library.


Many years ago flaticon was very popular among the designer as it was free at the beginning. Flaticon has the best collection of all type of icon. For free user they only provide png so it become hard to change color & other customization. Without that flaticon provide colorful sets of icon which can be helpful to get a more details icon for free. 


icomoon is also a good source of free icon. Boxicon is more like feather icon. It’s collection is a little more than feathericon but not like flaticon.

05.Material icon

Materia icon by google is very useful for ui ux designers. Their icon can also be used for web design & other purpose. Material provide svg so if you are designer you can customize them as well.


iconmonstr - free, monstrously big and continuously growing source of simple icons


If you want to get stylish & details icon then dryicon is best option for you. Their icon is unique in style.


Graphicburger has good set of icon. By looking at the icon set you can find your needed icon


A vast database of icon and icon sets. IconFinder has a handy filter tool which will save you heaps of time. You can filter by icon format, price (free), license type and size.


The IconStore is a library of free, vector (SVG) icons created by talented designers to download for commercial use.

Here are some ways icons help users:

  1. Visual Communication: Icons can quickly convey meaning and represent concepts, actions, or objects. They provide a visual shortcut, making it easier for users to understand the functionality or content associated with them. For example, a magnifying glass icon is universally recognized as a search symbol.
  1. Enhancing Navigation: Icons can improve navigation by representing different sections or categories of content. They make it easier for users to identify where they want to go within a website or app. Navigation menus with text labels and icons are often more intuitive.
  1. Reducing Cognitive Load: Icons help reduce the cognitive load on users' minds by providing a visual cue instead of relying solely on text. This is particularly beneficial for quick decision-making and scanning content.
  1. Aiding Brand Recognition: Custom icons or a consistent icon style can become part of a brand's identity. Recognizable icons can help users associate them with your brand and improve brand recall.
  1. Adding Visual Appeal: Well-designed icons can enhance the overall aesthetics of a user interface. They add a sense of professionalism, make the interface more visually appealing, and create a positive impression on users.
  1. Responsive Design: Icons can adapt to various screen sizes and resolutions, making them ideal for responsive design. They can scale without loss of quality, ensuring a consistent user experience across devices.
  1. Feedback and Status Indicators: Icons can provide feedback to users. For example, a checkmark icon indicates successful completion, a warning icon indicates an issue, and a loading spinner indicates a process is in progress.
  1. Functionality Recognition: Icons can help users quickly recognize interactive elements, such as buttons, links, or input fields. This is especially important in touch interfaces, where clear tap targets are essential.
  1. Localization: Icons can transcend language barriers, making them valuable in global applications. While text labels may require translation, icons can maintain their meaning across cultures.
  1. Accessibility: When used appropriately, icons can improve accessibility for users with cognitive or reading impairments. However, it's essential to ensure that icons are clear and have associated accessible text labels for screen readers.
  2. Overall, icons contribute to a more user-friendly, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing user experience, helping users quickly understand and interact with digital interfaces.

Shahin Alam

Technical Content Writer

I am a designer & business analyst. Throughout my career, I just did not design interfaces. I helped my client to build a business as well. I have focused on how human psychology, design, and technology intersect. It is this awareness and understanding that leads me to distill complex problems into simple and elegant solutions.

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